Polish railways, British railways, World Railways

We look at the tilted playing field on which the game of road vs. rail is played in Poland and Britain (and sometimes further afield) and we put each country’s heritage railway scene under the microscope. We uncover steam engines being cut up for scrap, whole railway museums threatened with closure, ‘preserved’ railway lines closed by their owners and earmarked for redevelopment. We look for the heroes and villains. We point fingers at the people making it happen and the people making a mint.

Behind The Watertower is not for everybody. It’s definitely not for wimps. But if you are not afraid to stick your neck out for what you believe in, if you care passionately about our railway heritage and the future of our railways, and if you are prepared to put pen to paper in support of the cause, a warm welcome awaits you here. I and the rest of the BTWT team look forward to working with you.


PS. You can always navigate to the ‘top’ of the blog (and read our latest articles) just by clicking anywhere on the BTWT heading. Does the same as clicking on “Home”.

PPS. We publish a bi-monthly e-mail summarising our ‘top’ posts. Send us an e-mail to railfan(at)go2.pl if you would like to be added to our mailing list. If you have any railway minded friends, or friends interested in Poland, send us their e-mail addresses as well.

PPS. BTWT’s mailing list is held on an ancient Apple Mac computer which has proved immune to spyware and keyloggers. We will never pass on our e-mail addresses to any third party.

Ol 12-7 under heavy overhaul, Chabowka Jan 2008

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