Poznan tram extension ready for comissioning


The route of the extension from the Osiedle Lecha housing estate to the site of the new depot at Franowo. Map ZTM, Poznan.

(Click the map to see a larger, more detailed, map courtesy of Open Street Map.)

A 2 km tram extension costing 2.75 hundred million zloty is about to be commissioned in Poznan. The extension from Os. Lecha (currently serviced by routes 1, 5, 16 & 17) will link the existing tram network to a new tram depot being built adjacent to Poznan’s largest marshalling yard at Franowo.

A new stop at Swedzka will provide tram passengers access to the M1 and IKEA superstores. A close examination of the Open Street Map map shows that this new stop involves quite a long walk to IKEA and is not as convenient for M1 as a stop half way between the two superstores would have been!

The other disturbing factor about the extension is the cost. Was it really necessary to route nearly 1 km of the line in ‘cut and cover’ tunnel? However, the new tram depot will allow ZTM to dispose of its old tram depot at ul. Gajowa which will hopefully offset some of the costs.

Artist visualisation of the new loop at Franowo courtesy Infrastruktura Euro Poznan, PxM Projekt Poludnie, autostrada II Sp. z o.o.

(Click image to see the remainder of the artist visualisations produced for the extension.)


One Response to “Poznan tram extension ready for comissioning”

  1. Podroznik Says:

    The walk is not that long to Ikea! Much better than from the current bus stop, which is located between M1 and the Lech brewery (the dark green building on your map)!

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