Smigiel, the end or a new beginning?



A Romanian-built diesel railcar awaits its passengers at Smigiel.

(Click to see a high resolution version.)

A meeting took place this morning between the senior management of SKPL and Wiktor Snela, the Mayor of Smigiel, and his senior councillors. Both teams had their legal advisers present. The meeting took place in a cordial atmosphere and both sides emphasised that they were committed to finding a formula which would guarantee the long-term future of the railway. SKPL pointed out that the economics of the line were marginal and that removing additional funds from the railway would lead rapidly to its technical death. The Smigiel Council team pointed out that charging local taxes was a requirement of the law and that any attempt to circumvent this could lead to individual councillors being charged and fined.

Tomasz Strapagiel, the chairman of SKPL, stated that SKPL would immediately issue a letter terminating its operating agreement with the Council, giving the Council three months notice. SKPL would also pay the Council the local taxes as calculated by the Council in respect of its licence agreement in respect of the period during which the Council actually owned the railway land. Both sides confirmed that each would continue to search for a formula which would enable the line to continue its operations in the future.

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3 Responses to “Smigiel, the end or a new beginning?”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    I DO hope they can work something out. It shouldn’t be too difficult to work out something along the lines of you pay the tax and we subsidise the “tourist” aspect of the railway to the same amount. Quid pro Quo!

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    Amen ! “Where there’s a will…”

  3. Dampfmeisteren Says:

    Let’s cross our fingers. Smigiel certainly is a wonderful railway line.

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