About us

The eldest member of the BTWT editorial team has been tracking the British and Polish railscene since the 50s. Some of us were involved with narrow gauge railways in Wales in the 60s and standard gauge heritage railways in England in the 70s. Others are still working in the heritage railway field both in Britain and in Poland.

We are always on the look out for new talent. If you are interested in railways and enjoy writing and/or photography, why not send us some of your material. We’ll evaluate it carefully and, who knows, you might end up on our editorial team!

Since the above was written, there has been a comment asking for further information. Who are we? What nationality? How old? Well we can’t answer these questions, but we are happy to share with you some of the music we play for inspiration.

7 Responses to “About us”

  1. Garry Says:

    It would be interesting to have more information about you than the 4 lines above. What nationality are you, how old, how much time do you spend in Poland, a photo etc..


  2. dyspozytor Says:

    A photo, how old I am? Gary, you’re clearly unfamiliar with Poland or you wouldn’t be asking me for such information. One of the men associated with the planned redevelopment of Warszawa Glowna site – the location of the Warsaw Railway Museum – is wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of the Warsaw police chief. PKP owns some prime real estate all over Poland. Do you think the guys who are planning to snap this up at rock bottom prices are going to let some rail fans stand in their way? Please forgive me if I continue to post under the veil of anonymity.

  3. Gareth David Says:

    I have been visiting Poland since 1989 and have written a diary of each visit. One particularly poignant one dates from a visit in early December 1990 – and the time Lech Walesa was elected president.

    Having read the recent contributions from Robert Hall, I thought you might like to see a copy and consider it for use to coincide with its 20th anniversary at the end of this year.

    I have slides of the trip which I can get scanned if it is of interest. It has never been published and makes quite amusing and enlightening reading. If you give me an email address I will send a copy to you.

    • dyspozytor Says:

      Dear Gareth, Yes, I would love to see all of these – historical diaries are of immense interest to many of our readers and I’m sure that it is the regular historical flashbacks that have made Robert Hall’s Return Journey so popular.

      The e-mail adress for BTWT is railfan@go2.pl

  4. remus florescu Says:

    Hello, my name is Remus Florescu and I am a journalist at Adevarul, a newspaper from Romania. The municipality from the romanian town Cluj-Napoca will buy 12 trams from the polish company Pojajzdy Szynowe PESA Bydgoszcz. I would like to make a reportaje at the company, to see how the trams are made, but unfortunately the newspaper can t finance the trip to Poland. I would like to start a collaboration with your bloc. If somebody could do the reportaje with the production of the trams an sent it to me, I could send you a reportaje with the trams put to work, in Cluj. Thank you.

  5. Kent Kobersteen Says:

    It’s not Poland, but here’s a great video that I’m sure the Behind The Water Tower viewers would find interesting:

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