Last month was a busy month for Behind the Water Tower. We averaged one hundred hits every day. Here are links to some of our most popular articles in May:

  • A modest success – How a campaign spearheaded by Sir John Betjeman saved London’s historic railway termini. Are there lessons for the railway heritage lobby in Poland?
  • Railway Station for Sale – Going, going, gone! Wittingham Station, a snip for just under £1 million. Currently under offer.
  • Steam Show a smash hit and Reflections on Wolsztyn Loco Show. The Wolsztyn Steam Gala was a great success for PKP Cargo. But for how much longer will steam haulage of scheduled trains survive in Poland?
  • The Reason Why, parts one, two & three. We look at some attempts to analyse why Britain’s railways are the Cinderella of Europe.
  • Double blow for Krosniewice Line – The Krosniewice Railway was closed on a whim of the Mayor of Krosniewice, now the sugar refinery which supplied the bulk of its freight traffic is targeted for closure as well.
  • Come to Poland to make a difference – Foxfield Railway volunteers make a real difference to the Smigiel Railway.
  • Starachowice Railway has a new operator – We look at the history of this unusual railway.
  • Weasley Words from Westminster – We look at the progress of the campaign to rebuild the Somerset and Dorset Railway, 42 years after the line closed, and at the government’s reluctance to back railway reopening.
  • Snow – simply the most amazing corporate identity film ever made.
  • Daylight robbery – the UK railway ticket fraud exposed, we show you how to save hundreds of pounds on railway tickets.
  • A Pole journeys to the Bluebell (part 1) – and is thrilled with what he sees.
  • Demolish or clean up? – What should be done with Warszawa Centralna station?

In April, we were the first English language source to break the story of the closure France’s premier narrow gauge railway, the Vivarais. This month we have just published an exclusive article on how the memorandum of understanding, signed by Poland’s Minister of Infrastructure and France’s Minister of Environment, Energy, Regional Development and Regional Planning, puts the French in pole position to build and equip Poland’s future high speed railway.

I do hope that you enjoy reading what we have prepared for you.

Best wishes,

2 Responses to “May”

  1. gary stevens Says:

    What is happening with Polish steam shed at Wolstyn?
    Are their still fears of closure or has the shed been rescued?

    No recent news, so still concerned and what is the news of prairie tank?
    Is its last year in Poland?

    Gary Stevens

    PS. Well done with site read every day.
    PPS. Put a PayPal donation button on it to raise funds for upkeep.

  2. dyspozytor Says:


    Howard Jones seems confident that he has a new “Five Year deal”. I’m not so confident that some of his partners will be around in five year’s time. But I do not see it as my job to throw cold water over what is a very professional operation. I have delayed reporting on this story till an opportunity arose to talk to Howard at length. Somehow other things have always got in the way. You may want to check out the new Wolsztyn Experience website.

    The donation button is a very good idea. I am very encouraged with the support received so far. I have decided that I should first prepare a budget. After all if I am going to ask people to dip in their pockets it seems only fair to tell them what their donations are going to be used for!


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