Wolsztyn reclaims its unique position


Wolsztyn, Monday 15 May 2017. Film by Sendivogius Studios.

On 31 March 2014, steam locomotives shredded at Wolsztyn stopped hauling regular, timetabled passenger services between Wolsztyn and Poznan; the last location in Europe where such a service was being run on the standard gauge main-line. On 15 May 2017, the regular steam service resumed, albeit running between Wolsztyn and Leszno on weekdays and Wolsztyn and Poznan on Saturdays.

There are many heroes in the story how this came about, and one or two villains. However, a special mention is undoubtedly deserved by Wojtek Lis, the Mayor of Wolsztyn, and Andrzej Jabłoński, the Chief Executive of Parowozownia Wolsztyn; without their efforts this ambitious project would have come crashing to a halt. Congratulations gentlemen for a job well done.


One Response to “Wolsztyn reclaims its unique position”

  1. Raymond Franklin Says:

    Good news. Hope to return for my 4th visit.

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