PKP IC timetable consultation


– last day for comments

PKP IC is seeking comments with respect to its proposed new timetable for the period 2010 – 2011. A laudable exercise. Noteworthy in the draft timetable is the demise of the Warszawa Wsch to Lodz Fabryczna trains from 1 March because of the City of Lodz’s and the Ministry of Infrastructure’s white elephant project to replace the historic Lodz Fabryczna station with a hole in the ground.

Do drop PKP a line by 30 September, if like us you would like the Jan Kiepura extended to Hook of Holland or its through coach to Cologne reinstated, or indeed any other changes. You can draw down a summary of the main trains as well as the complete draft timetable by following the links below.

Draft PKP IC timetable:

Comments should be sent:

One Response to “PKP IC timetable consultation”

  1. Podroznik Says:

    Knowing PKP IC, somehow I think that the public consultation is simply going through the motions. Somewhat like calling a big company, sitting on hold and hearing, “Your call is important to us”.

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