Tourist Trains to the Wolf’s Lair



Test train reaches Wegorzewo. Photo Szymon Błaszczyk/SKPL.

(Click image for more photos on SKPL’s Facebook page.)

After many vicissitudes, tourist trains are finally running on the Ketrzyn – Wegorzewo railway line. For six years the Stowarzyszenie Hobbystów Kolejowych (SHK, The Association of Railway Hobbyists) have been working to bring back passenger services to the line during the holiday season. Despite the huge enthusiasm of everybody involved, success remained elusive.

However, with the assistance  of SKPL, who provided the rolling stock and technical expertise, the SHK’s dream has become a reality and, after an  absence of four years, passenger trains returned to the line on August 15.

Because the Wegorzewo District Council have only taken over the line within the boundary of the District, this year service trains will run only on the section of line between Gierloz and Wegorzewo. However, it is hoped that next year it may be possible to extend services to Ketrzyn, because the Chief Executive of Wegorzewo District Council has expressed an interest in his Council acquiring the missing section.

Come and ride on this nearly forgotten line on the northen edge of Poland’s delightful Mazury Lake District. Trains are running on August 15, 16, 17, 18, ​​24, 25, & 31, and on 1 September. See the time table below.


(Click timetable above to see more details on the SKPL website.)


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  1. robertbtwt Says:

    Thank you for answering my old question about this line!

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