Ty42-24 – heavy overhaul complete



Ty42-24 on the day of its steam test 18.6.2013.
Photo Marek Ciesielski

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Ty42-24’s overhaul is complete. The locomotive passed its official steam test yesterday and now has a boiler certificate for the next 6 years. The locomotive’s heavy overhaul was carried out by TOZKiOS (the Pyskowice Railway Society) under the engineering leadership of the Jakubina brothers.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations to TOZKiOS on the completion of a very challenging task in very difficult circumstances – the court case brought by PKP against TOZKiOS continues to threaten the future of the collection of railway locomotives and rolling stock gathered together at the old MPD at Pyskowice.


Ty42-24 at Lazy before delivery to Pyskowice. Photo TOZKiOS.

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Ty42-24 seems to have led a charmed existence, built in 1945 in Chrzanow to WWII German ‘Kreigslok’ plans, it worked in various locations in the general area of Silesia until 1968 when it was allocated to the MPD at Szopience. Here it was stationed for 16 years until, after a heavy overhaul in Pila, its has its last reallocation in 1984 (some sources give 1988) to Lazy. Here it seems to have some time as a stationary boiler. In 1991 it is officially withdrawn from service, but mysteriously stays on at Lazy, a boiler overhaul is started in 1992, but is suspended when the MPD receives a purpose-built central heating boiler.

Did the loco in those early days in Lazy have a guardian angel sufficiently senior in the local PKP management hierarchy to block any attempts to send it to a scrap yard? Some 6 years later, in 1998, Ty42-24 is ‘removed from the PKP inventory’, but remains in Lazy for the next 10 years, though in a rapidly deteriorating state. In 2005, ownership of the loco is transferred to TOZKiOS though initially the Society lacked the funds to move the loco and the local railwaymen are reluctant to lose a convenient source of scrap which can easily be converted to a few bottles of vodka.

When it was announced that Ty42-24 was to be restored there were many doubters who gave vent to their scepticism and said that the loco would never steam again. Now that they have been proved wrong we hope very much to see the locomotive at various railway events and hope that the attendant publicity may help to persuade the authorities to help the Pyskowice museum secure its future.



3 Responses to “Ty42-24 – heavy overhaul complete”

  1. Ed Beale Says:

    Ty42-24 will be visiting the “Railway Picnic” at Raclawice Slaskie station on 29 and 30 June. Raclawice Slaskie is an attractive junction station near the Czech border (very close to the Osoblaha terminus of CD’s narrow gauge railway from Tremesna ve Slezsku). Also attending the event will be a PKP Cargo SM42 and ET22. Event poster: Piknik Kolejowy w racławicach Śląskich.

  2. Ed Beale Says:

    Photos of Ty42-24 in steam at Raclawice Slaskie last weekend: http://raclawice.net/raclawice_slaskie-galerie_wydarzen-17.html

  3. robertbtwt Says:

    Off-at-a-tangent thing about class Ty42: that class, and Ty2 (and analogous “class twins”, such as Ty43 / Ty3). I’m aware that the one-numeral designation means German, and the two-numeral ditto, Polish; and that the World War 2 situation is involved. I’ve never been fully clear whether the “two-numeral, Polish” machines were built by Polish firms under duress, at German behest, during World War 2; or by PKP to the German designs, after the end of World War 2; or both. Would be grateful to be set right on this point.

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