Smigiel Railway in the 1960s


The Smigiel Railway hangs on to its future existence by a slender thread, so we thought it timely to remind BTWT readers what this railway was like in the 1960s: 13 trains each way with two two-coach train sets in operation. This delightful film was made by Lodz animation studio Semafor and uploaded onto YouTube by YamanKos.

Some 60 years later Smigiel Yard still had a track layout befitting the HQ of a major narrow gauge railway and the line between Smigiel and Stare Bojanowo still enjoyed a regular passenger service as seen on this video by bosz112. To see the present state of the line please see our recent post.

3 Responses to “Smigiel Railway in the 1960s”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    The 1960s item – a weird little film ! I’m wondering whether it was “purpose-made” back then in b&w “in-real-life”, and then the animated figures added in. Or if the cartoon animation is more recent; the black-and-white film seems a strange thing for anyone to have shot: so much “static background”, so little train-type action.

    • Dyspozytor Says:

      The Gapiszon animated children’s films were made in 1964. The b&w film is a collection of mostly static shots so as not to detract from the animated action.

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    Thanks! All is clarified.

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