Scramble at Koluszki


Night scene at Koluszki at 19:57 on 3 October 2011. Photo BTWT.

What happens when the 19:45 to Warsaw (running some 11 minutes late) arrives just before the 20:00 to Warsaw (running some 4 minutes early)? The 19:45 ex Wroclaw Glowny has 5 coaches and is so full that no more passengers can get in. The 20:00 – running from Infrastructure Minister, Cezary Grabarczyk’s, home town of Lodz – has 12 coaches which are mostly empty.

If you want a seat, run!

Sadly our intrepid reporter was just a tad too slow with his iPhone to record the peak of the mad scamble that ensued at Koluszki when the standing passengers in the 19:45 realised that there were empty seats in the 20:00! This shot of a few last-minute stragglers is all he recorded.

Mystery train time

To add confusion to the chaos, PKP’s Internet timetable, does not show a 19:45 departure from Koluszki that runs from Wroclaw Glowny to Warszawa Wschodnia, though it does show a 19:41 running between the same stations. We thought Andrzej Massel, Poland’s rail minister, now 9 months in post, had promised to put an end to this sort of thing.


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