Trippy and Tubby get some exercise


Railways are run differently in Poland than on the Isle of Sodor, but the engines are just as naughty. The Pleszew Railway has its own fat controller called Mr Thomas and two engines called Trippy and Tubby. One day Mr Thomas said to Trippy, It’s a lovely day. Why don’t you go out for some fresh air and exercise? Oh no Sir, replied Trippy, there’s a lot of ice and snow about, I might trip and damage my nice new coat of blue paint. Tubby quickly butted in, Please Sir, could I go instead. A run each morning is just what I need to keep trim. Thank you Tubby, but no, said Mr Thomas. You are a plucky little engine and you always do your best, but today I want Trippy to go out for a run.

Why don’t you go out for some exercise?

So Trippy went. He wasn’t very happy and he grumbled as he ran along the track, I’m going to trip. I’m going to trip. I know I shall, I’m going to trip. Trippy was so busy grumbling that he did not notice some ice that had formed right next to the rail. The ice lifted one of Trippy’s wheels right off the rail and he tripped!

Trippy tripped over some ice.

Trippy’s driver phoned Mr Thomas. Don’t worry, said Mr Thomas, I’ll send out Tubby to help.

Tubby to the rescue!

Tubby brought out some blocks of wood and a powerful jack. Don’t you worry Trippy, said Tubby’s driver. We’ll soon get you back on the track.

The drivers soon got Trippy back on the track.

So Tubby had his run after all, and when Trippy came back to his shed, Mr Thomas gave him a good talking to. Mr Thomas’s little railways are run by some very funny engines. He calls them his Silly, Klanky, Perky and Loopy engines. What sort of engine would you say is Trippy?

All photographs by SKPL.

2 Responses to “Trippy and Tubby get some exercise”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Brings to mind something read a good many years ago, in one of the British journals giving information about steam doings abroad. This concerned the situation at Wolsztyn at the time — a paragraph was published, with words to the effect that “steam locos do not work passenger trains during the high-summer period, among other things because of going on holiday.” Obviously it was the crews’ holidays which were meant; the item was just rather badly expressed, and prompted momentary wondering whether there was around Wolsztyn, a Thomas-type parallel universe involving steam locomotives with human characteristics (created perhaps by Father Wlodzimierz Aldrzych?).

    Incidentally, I never feel quite easy about the name of the fictional island served by Thomas & Co.’s rail system: “Sodor and Gomorram” keeps coming unbidden to mind…

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