Some Lodz trams


BTWT guest author Robert Hall is planning a visit to Poland in the summer and has enquired about the trams operating on the metre gauge Lodz tramways. So I went out with a camera a couple of times and took some quick pictures.

Two Konstal 805Na units permanently coupled together as a single set at pl. Wolnosci on service 15 which takes a semi-circular route around the City.

Konstal 803N articulated tram on service 46 (the strange body shape is the result of a DIY rebuild in the Ozorkow inter-urban’s workshops in Helenowek), the driver is switching the point to the line along ul. Pomorska.

One of 8 GT6 articulated Düwag trams obtained from Bielefeld that operate on service 42 on the inter-urban line to Lutomiersk

One of 18 Bombardier articulated ‘Cityrunners’ obtained in 2001 for service 10, now also used to reinforce the 10 Pesa articulated 122Ns that run on service 18, the so-called ‘Lodz Regional Tram’.

Trams are much more sure footed in the snow than motor cars. Two Konstal 805Na units speed across a busy cross roads.

Two more Konstal 805Na units on a short section of single track line near the terminus of service 12 at Stoki.

4 Responses to “Some Lodz trams”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Thanks – has me champing at the bit… I have the impression that metre gauge tram systems are in a minority in Poland and that the standard gauge is more common. Metre-gauge systems which I have personally experienced to date are Bydgoszcz and Torun. Other than those cities, and Lodz, does anywhere else in Poland still have metre gauge trams?

  2. Macowiec Says:

    Grudziadz is one 1000mm system that comes to mind.

  3. Macowiec Says:

    And add Elbag to the list. I think that’s it!

  4. Robert Hall Says:

    Many thanks. Looks like memo to self: “Go north, not-very-young person”.

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