Museum closure official


The following was posted today on the Warsaw Railway Museum website.


We regret to inform you that on 30 July 2009 Polish State Railways SA formally served a notice on the Museum terminating the Railway Museum’s lease of our buildings  at ul. Towarowej 1, and at the same time giving us notice to quit our headquarters not later than 31 August 2009.

The Railway Museum will be challenging this termination, as being in contravention of our lease, but the fact that it has been served by PKP SA may mean that August 2009 will be the last month in which we will be able to have our exhibits on public display, and that this unique place will permanently disappear from the map of Warsaw.

Unfortunately, despite earlier assurances, PKP SA has not provided a suitable new location. The siding proposed at Warsaw’s Grodno Street, is only a disused track, without any other facilities.

Moreover, because of the specific nature of our collection, especially the vintage rolling stock, the cost of its transportation to a new location would be enormous.

Thus we face the end of the Railway Museum in Warsaw, the only institution in Poland on this scale which collects, archives and make available to the general public the legacy of over 150 years of railway history on Polish territory.

Ferdynand B. Ruszczyc
Director of The Railway Museum in Warsaw

(translation by BTWT)

5 Responses to “Museum closure official”

  1. ian mcneil Says:

    Sad news indeed

    Is the museum going to close at the end of August or will you still be able to visit in September?

    • dyspozytor Says:

      For the moment the Museum will stay open. Though, at present, there is no agreement as to under what terms the Museum will continue to occupy the Warszawa Glowna site. Nor is there any agreement as to how its move to a new location is to be financed.

  2. ian mcneil Says:

    visited 19th september. it’s well worth a visit and hopefully will remain here for the foreseeable future.
    Only thing I would say that they need to do is create a souvenir shop selling badges, pictures, books, toys etc You are missing out on a potential source of much needed revenue.

  3. Joerg Strehmann Says:

    Am I one of the last few to have visited the museum? Was there on October 21st, stumbled upon it by chance exactly because it is in such a central location. Wouldn’t have happened at the proposed new site. And it really contains one great exhibition. Part of the museum’s charm is that it is so near Warszawa Centralna. I believe that the museum won’t attract many visitors in the location offered by PKP. Is it really necessary to sacrifice another place of historical and cultural interest to commerce? Doesn’t Warsaw have enough commercial buildings already? Shouldn’t PKP, a state-owned company, act in public interest? Questions… By the way, when visiting the museum, I didn’t see a sign of its imminent closure. I’d have been the first to sign a petition if there were one.

  4. VAXXi.NET » warszawa, dzień 6 Says:

    […] pare c-am avut noroc să-l pot vizita, dat fiind că anul trecut se zvonea că muzeul urmează să fie închis. Deși nu-s extrem de pasionat de domeniu, ar fi mare păcat. Dioramă feroviară Dioramă […]

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