Warsaw Museum closure – PKP reply



Pm3-5 (with Pm3-3 plate) streamlined pacific, built by Borsig 1940. Photo Hiuppo

(Click picture above to see original and for details of licensing.)

A media storm blew up following Friday morning’s announcement by the Director of the Warsaw Railway Museum that PKP SA. have ordered the Museum to quit its Warszawa Glowna site by the end of the month. Stung by the negative publicity, PKP’s PR department started a damage limitation exercise and issued their own press release on Friday afternoon. It really does not need any further comment from ourselves!

Information on the site provided free of charge to the Railway Museum in Warsaw

Polish State Railways S.A. – the owner of the former Warsawa Glowna station site at ul. Towarowa – 1 is preparing to use this land for the purpose of railway investment. PKP SA has been taking court action against a number of bodies, who have been preventing the site from being exploited commercially. The claims of the third parties have now been disposed by court decisions favourable to PKP SA. This clears the way for the development of this part of Warsaw.

Polish State Railways S.A. has allowed the Railway Museum (an organisation funded by the local government of Mazowsze province) to use this site on a free of charge license since 1996. PKP SA – in accordance with its strategy for its land holdings – is obliged to rent land at this location, only and exclusively, on a commercial basis.

For these reasons PKP SA terminated the Railway Museum’s current license in July 2009. This does not preclude the Railway Museum from obtaining a lease of the property on a commercial basis until the the Museum has been transferred to another location.

The termination of the license and the need to transfer the Museum to another location was previously discussed with the bodies responsible for the Museum. In October 2008, PKP SA and the authorities of the provincial government (the Governor and a senior official) signed a memorandum in which it was specified that the Museum will be relocated from its current location to a site provided by PKP SA on Grodzienska street in Warsaw (near the junction of Grodzienska street and Radzyminska street) with an area of 1.8 hectares [4.45 acres ed].

Representatives of the local authority and the Railway Museum were again informed about the importance of relocating the museum at a meeting which took place on 16 April 2009 between representatives of PKP SA and the local government of Mazowsze province. On 25 June 2009, once again PKP SA informed the provincial authorities of the necessity to relocate the Museum to the site being made available by PKP SA.

Polish State Railways supports the Railway Museum in carrying out its functions.  This is reflected in the agreements that have been in place up to now between the two parties and the technical assistance PKP SA has provided to assist the running the Museum. The need to regulate the legal status of PKP’s real estate PKP SA and its use for development does not permit the free use of a plot of land of over 7 hectares [17.3 acres ed.] in the heart of Warsaw. PKP SA maintains regular contact with the Museum and the local government.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s exciting instalment – ‘Reading between the lines’.

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