Death by a thousand cuts


Roadstone being unloaded at Krosniewice on 9 July, 2007

(Click on picture to see it in its original context on the SKPL’s website.)

PKP Cargo have a national freight forwarding agreement with SKPL. SKPL’s goods stations (both narrow gauge and standard gauge) appear on PKP Cargo’s List Tariffs. A prospective customer can look up his intended departure and arrival points in the List, multiply the resulting tariff by the tonnage to be carried, and will then know how much it will cost to transport the goods by rail. The next step is to ring the nearest PKP Cargo freight office and arrange the details. For long-term carriage of large consignments PKP Cargo is prepared to offer attractive discounts.

If the goods depot lies on a railway line served by SKPL, it makes no difference. The customer deals with PKP Cargo who then pay SKPL a fixed percentage of the total tariff in return for SKPL originating or terminating the journey on its tracks. In the case of SKPL’s narrow gauge railways, such as the Kalisz or Smigiel Railway, SKPL, carry the standard gauge wagons, a la Calthorpe, on narrow gauge transporter wagons.

As the Mayor of Krosniewice has not appointed another operator since terminating the operating agreement with SKPL, there is now nobody to terminate the traffic at the goods stations on the Krosniewice Railway. Accordingly, PKP Cargo have announced their intention to remove the Krosniewice Railway freight handling points from the list of tariffs. A pity – a major aggregate company was planning to carry 100,000 tonnes of roadstone by the Krosniewice Railway – a traffic which would have done a great deal to revive the railway’s fortunes. Now it will all have to go by road. In 2,000 lorry loads!

If you think this is crazy, please write to

Mrs Julianna Barbara Herman
The Mayor of Krosniewice
Urzad Miejski
Poznanska 5
99-340 Krosniewice

and send a copy to:

Mr Cezary Grabarczyk
The Minister of Infrastructure
ul. 4/6 Chalubinskiego
00-928 Warszawa

The copy to the Minister is vital. The Minister is only the person who can ensure that the conditions under which the control of railway was transferred to Krosniewice Town Council are enforced. For those who are have become readers of BTWT recently, you will find some background reading about our campaign to save the Krosniewice Railway as a working railway (not just as a short tourist line) by clicking on the links below:

One Response to “Death by a thousand cuts”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Have written “to her, with copy to him”.

    Loved the link to the Leek & Manifold Valley Ry. site. On BTWT, the following may be heresy: but I do feel that some railways have been built and opened, which came to have virtually no use or point, as soon as road motor transport was past its infancy; and which had rather little of same, even in the days of rail’s monopoly. Consider the “Manifold” to have been an instance of same, and have always been fond of it, for that very reason. (And have followed the footpath along its trackbed – a magnificent walk.)

    It would have been wonderful if, by some miracle, the L & MVR had survived to the present day – would make a splendid, and very popular, tourist line. Its standard-gauge links to the main system would no doubt have been lost; but it made so little sense in the first place, that its carrying on in splendid isolation wouldn’t matter…

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