A modest success!


Liverpool Street Station: Sunday, 21st May 1922. Photo courtesy GER Society archive.

Similar view today: Improvement?

Euston: Down the rabbit hole

Victorian railway engineers scuIpted enormous iron and glass cathedrals enclosing huge volumes of space. The great railway terminii celebrated the new world being created by the web of steel that was to cover the globe. In the 1960s and 1970s, in the UK – the birthplace of the world’s railways – the officers of the British Railways Property Board regarded railway terminii as so much real estate, useful for car parking in the short-term, and even more useful for lucrative property development contracts in the future. Liverpool Street and Broad Street stations, neighbours on the edge of the City of London, were prime targets. Broad Street was lost altogether, the railway ripped up, its passengers forced to make alternative, and less convenient travel arrangements. Liverpool Street couldn’t be abolished entirely, so it was decided to give it the ‘rabbbit hole’ makeover first tried out at Euston Station in the 60s.

The Liverpool Street Station Campaign was formed in 1974 to oppose BR’s plans and to campaign for a sensitive redevelopment at Liverpool Street Station. Along with public meetings, petitions and publications, the Campaign also prepared alternative redevelopment schemes which would generate revenue for BR while maintaining the complex of historic Victorian railway buildings. The Campaign’s president was Sir John Betjeman, with Vice-Presidents including Spike Milligan, Patrick Cormack and Andrew Faulds.

Liverpool Street Station was saved, and later on, similar campaigns saved St Pancras Station and span 4 of Brunel’s magnificent Paddington Station.

So if a multi-million pound development can be stopped because enough people care about conserving railway heritage – stopping the Mayor of Krosniewice’s squalid little plan to destroy the Krosniewice Railway and demolish its workshops should be easy! Have you written your letter of protest yet? If you haven’t, please stop reading this and do so now.

(Photos from top: Great Eastern Railway Society, Aim for the Ace blog, Jeff & Josh Lubchansky Train Site. Click on the pictures to link to sources.)

Krosniewice campaign latest news is here. Earlier report (with links to previous posts about the Krosniewice Railway) is here.

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