Second Smigiel shock


Both lines to the East of l.c. are now abandoned. Google Maps.

It hardly seems possible that only a few years ago the previous mayor of Smigiel was talking about his plans to reopen the first 7km of the Stare Bojanowo – Krzywin section and to link Smigiel with the man-made lakes near Woniesc. (Scroll the map to see the abandoned route of the line and its close proximity to the lakes.)

Of late, the only operational part of this section was the 1km kept open as part of the standard gauge interchange to the East of the main line. Smigiel Town Council have not only cut off the Smigiel Railway from its freight connection the outside world by filling-in the railway cutting to the interchange, they have decided to cut off its passenger connection as well by abandoning the section of line leading to the passenger station at Stare Bojanowo!

This is vandalism that cannot be allowed to continue without making our protests heard! Writing to Smigiel Town Council will do no good – their collective heads are buried in the sand. We must take up the cudgels elsewhere! See tomorrow’s post for names and addresses for letter-writing targets and other ways of helping.

3 Responses to “Second Smigiel shock”

  1. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    I take it that the idea is to remove the level crossing adjacent to the narrow gauge station at Stare Bojanowo and to abandon the railway between the crossing and the main line station. This would avoid paying any costs to PKP for the operation and maintenance of the level crossing barriers where the narrow gauge line runs parallel with the standard gauge just before the PKP station. The signal on the approach to the PKP station could also be dispensed with. If the line was to reopen as a tourist railway the trains would terminate at Stare Bojanowo narrow gauge station, a few hundred metres away from the main line station.

  2. JAcek Says:
    “Rota Ślubowania Klubu Przyjaciół Śmigielskiej Kolejki:

    Będąc świadom swego pociągu do kolejki uroczyście ślubuję miłość i wierność Śmigielskiej Kolejce po wsze czasy.”


    The oath of allegiance of the Society of Friends of the Smigiel Railway

    Aware of of my atraction to the railway, I most solemnly swear my love and faithfullness to the Smigiel Railway for all time.


    [translation by BTWT]

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