Troubled travels…


Michael’s Dembinski journey from Warszawa Jeziorki to Lodz – 83 miles in 3 hours 12 minutes. Map courtesy Google Maps and Scribble Maps.

(Click on the map to link to an expandable ‘slippy map’.)

Michael Dembinski the blogger behind the legendary W-wa Jeziorki blog, recently travelled to Lodz. The 83 mile journey took him an incredible 3 hours 12 minutes. Of course, he could have had a 39 minute longer lie-in by taking the 05:30 from Jeziorki and changing at Warszawa Zachodnia instead of travelling by the 04:51 and changing at Warszawa Centralna, which would have only have meant travelling for 2 hours and 33 minutes – quite good as Polish railway journeys go. The demoralising effect of being crushed together in slow and dirty overcrowded trains seems even to have penetrated Michael’s soul…

On Wednesday I had to be in Łódź to speak at a conference which started with breakfast; I needed to be there for 9:00am. This meant catching a train that arrived just after eight. And unlike London to Rugby (83 miles, 48 minutes ) the 83 miles between Warsaw and Łódź takes 120 minutes. My train for Łódź would leave W-wa Centralna at six. To get to Centralna I had to catch the 04:51 service from W-wa Jeziorki.

And this is where my story begins…

The 04:51 from W-wa Jeziorki begins its journey in Radom, departing for Warsaw at 03:12 every day of the week. It stops at every small town along the way, and by the time it reaches W-wa Jeziorki, the first station within Warsaw’s city limits, it is packed solid. Boarding the train, I had to stand in the corridor…

For the rest of the story, click on the link below:

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