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Playing chicken

Sunday, 5 April 2009


The Yinghao Coal Railway. Portion of frame captured from Steam Train video by Misha Werder.

(Click to see video.)

Every so often, I hear comments about the ‘bad state’ of the track on the Smigiel Railway. So here, to put the state of the track in an international context, is a link to Misha Werder’s atmospheric video of the Yinghao Coal Railway in China. The C2 locomotives look like a locally built derivative of the Polish Px48. Now I wonder how much it would cost to acquire a C2 to run on one of SKPL’s narrow gauge railways?

The Ffestiniog Railway might know. Last year in November, they dragged a 762 mm gauge example across the Cob from Porthmadog and parked it at the back of Boston Lodge works. The Ffestiniog Railway is 600 mm gauge. Perhaps they hope that if they leave it out in the rain for long enough it will shrink?