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Some blogs worth visiting

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Behind the Water Tower has a policy of linking to English language pages. There is plenty of material about the Polish railway heritage scene in English. Helping you find such material is part of our mission. So why is Zlapac Motyla (Butterfly Catcher), a very well written and photographed Polish language blog, my first choice?

Of course, I am flattered that this blog includes a map showing how to get to my office (see photo) but that is not the only reason for including it. Oh, no! If you click on the picture you will reach Butterfly’s post of 22 August 2006. This includes photos and text (WARNING text is in Polish) describing a holiday which included visits to: the Wielicza Salt Mine, illegal coal mines in Walbrzych, the German WW II tunnels and bunkers in Miedzyrzecz, the steam shed in Wolsztyn, the inclined plane on the Elblag-Ostroda Canal, the port of Gdansk and the Gdansk shipyard. That’s seven places of railway and industrial heritage interest described in one post. Surely this is a record? BTWT needs correspondents of such calibre. Actually, this is also a more general appeal for assistance. If you enjoy reading our reports and would like to join the BTWT team of correspondents and researchers, do please drop me a line.

Mateusz Malicki, who runs the out ov focus photography blog, has posted some more pics of last year’s Chabowka Gala. (Just click on the photo.) Thanks for letting us see these Mateusz. I would love to see the derelict industrial landscape of Lodz and Katowice through your lens.

Punk Planning is authored By Charles Frith who posts on a wide range of topics from Beijing in China. Somehow he managed to get his blog on the list of WWW sites that are banned by the Chinese government. Reading his blog it’s really difficult to understand why this should be. He linked to our article about bicycles and Gronningen from one of his posts about an electric bike. Click on the photo to link. Does this now mean that the always subversive BTWT will now be banned in China?