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Warsaw Railway Museum to close!

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Storm clouds gather over Warsaw Railway Museum

News has just come in from a reliable source that the Director of The Warsaw Railway Museum Ferdinand Ruszczyc has received a letter from the Estates Department of PKP on 30 July. The letter terminates the Museum’s lease of the old Warszawa Glowna Station buildings and approach roads and requires the railway museum to vacate the premises by 30 August. We have not yet had the opportunity to speak to the museum authorities to obtain their confirmation of the situation. Watch this space.

Słupsk Depot Demolition

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Two mechanical diggers make quick work of Slupsk MPD
picture by Glos Pomorza click photo for more pictures

The Motive Power Depot in Slupsk closed in the winter of 2001 and 2002. For the first couple of years, the railway police kept watch over the complex, then after a time nobody seemed to care. Scrap thieves helped themselves liberally to whatever items they fancied, if they were fixed they they utilised a little mechanical help. Police turned a blind eye. One of the roundhouses burnt down in mysterious circumstances in 2003, now the rest of the depot is being demolished, only the two round towers, which are listed as historic monuments, will remain.

Other locomotive depots whose fate remains uncertain include Pila, Gniezno and Pyskowice. A splendid MPD existed in Warsaw in Praga Poludnie. There were suggestions that it be developed into a new home for the national railway museum and that the items in the national collection be moved there under cover. In the event Praga Poludnie was demolished and the national collection rolling stock continues to deteriorate in the open.

Warsaw Railway Museum’s EP05-01 stored in the open

Mystery solved!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Photoreportage by Robert Dylewski

Bierut’s private carriage in Warszawa Główna

The mystery of the Government train’s visit to Warsaw is solved. Yesterday was the Long Night of the Museums, Noc Muzeow. The Warsaw Suburban Railway, WKD, in association with their enthusiasts society, Klub Milosnikow EKD/WKD, needed somewhere to hold a big party. So as the day drew to a close the Government train was moved from its temporary sojourn at the Railway Museum site at Warszawa Glowna to the WKD terminal station Warszawa Srodmiescie. The Warsaw trams, whose 100th anniversary of electric traction was on 5 April also joined in the celebrations.

EN80 type WKD vintage motor carriage from 1927

Vintage trams in Warsaw

So, just out of curiousity, how did the Warsaw Railway Museum celebrate the Long Night of Museums? Answers, as always to our usual address.

Krszeszowice Finale

Sunday, 9 March 2008


I don’t usually celebrate the closure of a railway museum, but the liquidation of the so-called Skansen at Krzeszowice is a cause for rejoicing. The Skansen had been the brainchild of Jerzy Rechziegel who set up the Ogolnopolskiej Fundacja Ochrony Zabytkow Kolejnictwa, National Foundation for the Preservation of Railway Heritage. He persuaded several distinguished senior PKP executives to become executives of the Foundation, leased the railway yard at Kreszowice station and collected a total 14 steam locomotives and various items of rolling stock. The locomotives included engines which were the property of the Railway Museum in Warsaw. He also received locomotives from PKP and various industrial concerns. Railway enthusiasts became alarmed when he also set up a scrapyard on the site and locomotives in his collection started vanishing. Attempts by Polish railway enthusiasts to persuade the Malopolska Conservator of Monuments to list the locomotives as heritage items failed because key documents were missing or unavailable. Meanwhile the state of the remaining exhibits rapidly degraded and everybody in the Polish railway heritage scene expected the remaining locomotives to be cut up and the site liquidated.

In October 2007, PKP Cargo took the lead to sort out what had become a national scandal. A railway track to the yard was restored and the Warsaw Museum engines were prepared for a move. Meanwhile volunteers from Pyskowice worked on the other engines. In January, the Warsaw Museum engines were moved by PKP Cargo. A few in reasonable cosmetic condition went straight to Chabowka, the others finished their journey at the PKP Cargo railway workshops in Krakow. Finally on 2 March Ty43-1, Ol49-15, TKp 2261 reached Pyskowice Railway Centre courtesy PTK Holding S.A., which is an enthusiastic sponsor of the Museum project.