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A Poland lost forever

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Old Lodz Kaliska Railway  Station in the 1920s

One of our friends has sent us link to the website – a web catalogue of demolished Polish architecture. There are manor houses and palaces, factories and power stations, tram depots and railway stations. Well worth exploring!

Two sides of Lodz Kaliska

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


The West side from the North.


The Eastern Viaduct, gantries, but no tracks


The East side from the North


From the air looking South
From a photo by Hodowca

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The Eastern viaduct looking South

The Eastern and Western viaducts. Google Maps

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Lodz Kaliska Station is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. A 20 year long rebuilding project was suddenly terminated just before its completion. The old station, an attractive building in the art noveau style, was built in 1902 for the broad (Russian) gauge Warsaw – Kalisz Railway.

The construction of a new station commenced in 1985. The project was jointly financed by Lodz City, Lodz Province and PKP, and managed by PKP’s construction office in Warsaw, by-passing PKP’s Estate Office in Lodz. Predictably, like all major PKP construction projects, the work missed successive completion deadlines and ran massively over budget. Then, in 1994, after all the new infrastructure work was complete, the project was suddenly terminated leaving the virtually complete facilities on the East side abandoned.

A massive viaduct across Al. Bandurskiego was left uncommissioned without even sealing the concrete deck against penetration by water. A tunnel providing direct access from the station hall to the bus station was simply abandoned. Now trees and vegetation cover the former building site which looks like more like a bunker from WW II than a building site abandoned in 1995.

Perhaps, if the planned high speed line across Poland ever gets built, Lodz Kaliska will one day be completed.