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Down memory lane!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Narrow Gauge junction station at Przedkowice, railcar MBxd1 working the branch to Zmigrod Miasto, waits for the arrival of the Px49-hauled train from Sulmierzyc to Trzebnicy Gaj.
Photo © Tony Statham

(Click to see the original photo on Tony Staham’s Fotopic site.)

It seems only yesterday that any lengthy car journey across Poland’s minor roads would sooner or later bring up the sight of a vintage narrow gauge tank locomotive, with a tender of uncertain provenance, running across the fields hauling some ancient goods wagons. Sadly such scenes are now only fading memories which is why I was excited to come across Tony Staham’s Fotopic site.

If you haven’t seen them before, there’s a feast of hitherto unknown colour photographs of the Polish railway scene waiting for you. Though the colour has faded, Tony’s pictures – particularly those of narrow gauge scenes – capture the atmosphere of the period perfectly. To the serious railway historian the photos are intriguing because they are displayed without the benefit of any captions. It would be an interesting exercise for BTWT readers to try to identify the various locations that he has photographed.

The photo of Przedkowice brings back personal memories of visiting the line in the mid-1970s. A couple of years ago there was a serious attempt to develop a EU-funded project to rebuild part of the line. This led by the chairman of Milicz municipality and was supposed to involve all the local authorities along the line. However, changes in central government following the last elections now make it unlikely that the necessary ‘matching funding’ from Polish sources will be available and the project seems unlikely to go forward.


Tony Statham’s Fotopic Pictures


Map of the area based on Railmap – kolejowa mapa Polski