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Competition – mystery picture 3

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Entries now closed.


Where is this? What is this?

Our last picture stumped everyone for a bit, then Gavin Whitelaw guessed correctly that it was Keen House, the HQ of the Model Railway Club (MRC) The MRC was set up by Henry Greenly in 1910 making it the oldest model railway club in the world. The full answer that we were really looking for was ‘The Model Railway Club’s test track at Keen House’. The test track itself is a piece of railway heritage. Look at the blown up version of the photograph. Note the hand-built “O” gauge double track in the foreground with centre studs for power supply and the three tracks “OO” gauge tracks in the centre. Gavin gains an extra point, putting him in joint first place with Gordon Dudman. We are very happy to acknowledge the fact that we found the original photo somewhere on the Lithuanian Narrow Gauge Railway Supporters website. But where? Try as we might, we can’t find it again!

Stage 2 of the competition is now closed. Now for stage 3. Today’s picture shows a largish UK station a year or so after closure, but where is it and what is the name of the station? Remember to give both parts of the answer accurately to gain both points. The next three pictures will be from Poland to give our Polish readers an even chance.