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Polish EMUs go walkabout

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Slowak Railways Bo-Bo diesel 742 398-1 hauls Przewozy Regionalne EMUs EN 57-694 and EN 71-004. Photo Palio.

(Click on the photo to see more photographs by Palio of the EMUs journey back to Poland.)

On 8 June we reported how a raging River Poprad had destroyed three spans of a girder bridge between Nowy Sacz and Stary Sacz cutting off the winter holiday resort of Krynica from the main railway network. Earlier hopes that the river crossing might be rapidly restored by the Polish Army have come to naught and it appears that PKP will be ferrying passengers between Nowy Sacz and Krynica by bus for some time yet. With no immediate prospect for the restart of railway service, Przewozy Regionalne decided to retrieve two of its electric multiple units which had become stranded at Powroznik and Muszyna on the other side of the destroyed bridge. On 25 August 2010, with the help of Slowak Railways the units were hauled back to Poland across non-electrified lines in Slowakia. The route taken was: Powroznik – Muszyna PKP – Plaveč ŽSR – Poprad-Tatry – Žilina – Čadca – Skalité – Zwardoń – Chabowka. The whole journey was comprehensively illustrated in a photo report on by Palio. This is well worth seeing and can easily be accessed by clicking the image at the head of this article.