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No man’s land

Monday, 31 August 2009

pociag pancerny001

This armoured train, intended to keep Soviet VIPs safe during WWII, is now retired in the Railawy Museum in Warsaw. But for how much longer is the Museum itself safe?
Photo © Jerzy Dabrowski, ONS picture agency.

The Railway Museum in Warsaw moves into unfamiliar territory tomorrow. The Museum remains open, but the licence agreement under which the Museum occupies the old Warszawa Glowna site has been terminated by PKP and ends midnight today. PKP has proposed a new licence on the basis of a commercial rental of some 720,000 PLN (£155,000) per annum to run for a period not exceeding two years. The sum proposed is many times more than the Museum can afford and the proposed duration hardly allows enough time for the Museum to identify a suitable site, obtain planning permission, construct the necessary facilities and move the collection. The question of how such a move should be financed also remains in the air. Watch this space!