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Three engines in steam at Wolsztyn

Thursday, 27 August 2009


Two locos at Wolsztyn, September 2008. Photo Peter Southey.

Unusually there will be three engines in steam at Wolsztyn this Friday. Pt47-65 is being readied to haul Saturday’s Wolsztyn Experience sponsored steam working to and from Wroclaw. Ol49-59 will be in light steam getting ready for Sunday’s Grodziska Kolej Drezynowa special to Szwajcaria Czarnkowska. Ol49-7 is the loco used on the twice daily Wolsztyn-Poznan workings.

Happy Birthday Pt47-65

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Pt47-65 at Wolsztyn on a Leszno – Zbaszynek train, September 2000.
Photo: Vincent Middlebrough

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Pt47-65 celebrates its 60th birthday today. Sadly the locomotive is not in steam and Ol49-59 is working the two Wolsztyn – Poznan return workings.

The Leszno – Zbaszynek services are no longer steam-hauled and there is a weight restriction that bans PT47s working over the viaduct at Lubon. Wait! I hear you cry, Wasn’t the viaduct at Lubon specially rebuilt to enable the Pt 47s to work the Wolsztyn – Poznan route? Well the viaduct was rebuilt, but it seems that the weight restriction is still in place.