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A little bridge will make a big difference!

Saturday, 30 May 2009


New bridge for old near Lubon on 29.05.09 where the single track Line 357 crosses the Poznan – Wroclaw main line. Photo BTWT

The Northern part of the Sulechow – Lubon line (no. 357) is to be modernized. The track will upgraded, signals refurbished and stations tidied up. The permanent way work will include cleaning and replenishing ballast, renewing point components and replacing defective sleepers. The biggest civil engineering work will be replacing the bridge at km. 109.548 near Lubon which has long had a weight restriction.

The 20 million euro project is being 50% funded by EU Regional Development funds and is scheduled to for the period 2009 – 2011. The replacement of the truss bridge over the Poznan – Wroclaw railway was scheduled to commence in the 3rd quarter of 2009, but looks to be complete in a couple of weeks time. Surely this must be a record for PKP’s infrastructure company, PKP PLK?

The completion of new bridge will bring a smile to railway enthusiasts all around the world. For the section of Line 357 due to be modernised – from Wolsztyn to Lubon – is the last place in the world where steam engines haul regular service trains, The weight restriction on the old bridge was the reason why steam haulage of the Wolsztyn – Poznan scheduled steam services was mainly carried out by the Wolsztyn Ol49s. The new bridge should allow heavier locomotives to be employed occasionally on the Wolsztyn – Poznan.