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Clean up the climate!

Friday, 24 April 2009


‘Odkurz Klimat’ – a viral marketing campaign

(Click picture to see animation and link to campaign.)

PKP are one of the sponsors of a viral marketing campaign, OdkurzKlimat.PL – walcz z korkami. (Fight the traffic jams – clean up the climate.) The objective is to get people to fill in the simple form and a link wings its way to your selected friend. If the link is clicked a short animation appears with the message, “Clean up the climate. Leave your car in the car park and use public transport.”

Trains vs. cars

External costs – noise, pollution, space requirements, road maintenance, accidents:
• trains – 19 euro/km
• cars – 88 euro/km

Contribution to EU CO2 emissions:
• trains – 1%
• cars – 72%

Energy consumption in EU due to:
• trains – 2%
• cars – 82%

capacity of 1 metre of track:
• trains – 9000 people/hr
• cars – 200 people/hr

(statistics from PKP’s press release)

It may not be the most imaginative viral marketing campaign ever, but it seems that for the first time PKP is recognising the power of the Internet. It certainly is a step in the right direction. Dyspozytor filled in the name of fellow blogger Michael Dembinski who had just posted an article on W-wa Jeziorki about being stuck in several contra flow traffic jams on the Warsaw – Torun road. In the end a 220 km trip took him 4 hours. Mike, why did you not go by train? You could have done the whole journey in 3 hours and 20 minutes, and read the papers or worked on your laptop.