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The Stations of East Galicia

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

VIP Preview at the Warsaw Railway Museum 27 March 2010.
From a photograph by Michael Dembinski

Pioneering Warsaw blogger Michael Dembinski, managed to wrangle himself an invitation to the VIP preview of the Dworce Kolejowe Galicji Wschodnej (The railway stations of East Galicia) exhibition at the Warsaw Railway Museum. Click the image above to read his full report on the W-wa Jeziorki blog.

The exhibition features the photography of Marta Czerwieniec who, as well as being interested in railway infrastructure, is an expert on geneaology. While tracking her own family history she discovered that her great grandfather, Karol Stronczynski, was a railway engineer. He was a graduate of the Technical Academy in St Petersburg and later went on to design bridges and viaducts on railway lines on Poland’s eastern borders and in Russia.

It is greatly encouraging to see that Ferdynand Ruszczyc, the Museum Director, is actually running an event with a railway theme as opposed to holding more fashion shows and beauty competitions!