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Wolsztyn spring steam timetable change

Monday, 12 January 2009


Pt47-112 passes EP09. Photo © Trevor Jones

(Click to go to Wolsztyn Experience photo gallery.)

In 2008, Wolsztyn Experience launched its own website. Aimed at potential clients of Wolsztyn’s footplate courses, it provides basic news of developments (with a very positive spin!) an e-shop for several Polish railway books, a gallery of photographs taken by Trevor Jones (Howard Jones’s brother) and details of special trains and special events.

For enthusiasts who don’t read Polish, the best thing about the website is that it is in English! Another useful English language resource is the Yahoo Group based discussion group kolejelist. A number of kolejelist members read various Polish railway enthusiast discussion boards and then translate and post the most significant of these.

Finally there is BTWT. What can we say? We probably spread ourselves to thinly to be able to report on every boiler washout at Wolsztyn, but then we do try to keep our finger firmly on the pulse of the long term plans of PKP Cargo, Fundacja Era Parowozow, the Wielkopolska Province Governor’s office, the Undersecretary of State for Rail, the Minister of Infrastructure, the Engine Driver’s Trade Union… et al.

Oh nearly forgot. Sometime in March the second steam working from Wolsztyn to Poznan will be pushed back from 11:36 to around 13:00hrs or thereabouts.

Perhaps somebody should tell The Wolsztyn Experience webmaster?