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Krosniewice – The end?

Monday, 31 March 2008

With the flash and thunder of detonators exploding under the wheels of railcar MDxd 1-204, the last train on the Krosniewice Railway ran today from Dabrowice to Krosniewice. The 15.23 from Dabrowice was the last of 4 trains operated today by SKPL, whose licence from the Krosniewice Town Council expired today at midnight. (The passenger timetable which was operated by SKPL until today is currently available here as a xls. file.) A crowd of people gathered to witness the event including a small group of enthusiasts from Dresden in Germany. By 15.48 the railcar was driven back to the engine shed and the manager locked the door for the last time. The closure of the line makes some 30 full and part time staff redundant, puts 100,000 tonnes of freight onto the roads and destroys a community railway which operated a daily service for passengers.