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Warszawa Centralna and the funny smell mystery

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A Warsaw kebab booth. Photo

(Click on the image to go to – the best photoblog of Warsaw and its environs.)

Ever wondered about the funny smell inside Warszawa Centalna station? Ace Warsaw blogger Michael Dembinski has unearthed its source.

Anyone who has ever passed through Warsaw’s Dworzec Centralny will have noticed its unique aroma, combination of body odour, urine, excrement, fried food and cheap disinfectant. Until now, I had attributed the stench the fact that most Polish passenger carriages have toilets that flush directly down onto the tracks below, and that these toilets are used while trains stand at the station (despite notices prohibiting this).

But no – there’s an even more profound cause…

Go to today’s post Source of Warsaw Central’s Stench Revealed on W-wa Jeziorki for the whole improbable story.