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We applaud HRH!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Dyspozytor has been a fan of Prince Charles ever since he had the opportunity to meet HRH on the occasion of the Prince’s visit to the Blackbird Leys Estate in the early 1990s.

The halting of logging in the world’s rainforests is the single greatest solution to climate change, Prince Charles has said. He called for a mechanism to be devised to pay poor countries to prevent them felling their rainforests. The prince told the BBC’s Today programme that the forests provided the earth’s “air conditioning system”. He said it was “crazy” the rainforests were worth more “dead than alive” to some of the world’s poorest people

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We applaud the Prince’s courage in ‘joining up the dots’ in a way that the UK government has singularly failed to do. Not all that long ago as part of its overseas aid programme the UK government was actually financing the building of a new road through the Amazonian rain forest. The rate of deforestation is directly proportional to the building of new access roads. We hope that other prominent figures will support the Prince’s call. Now how about somebody equally prominent calling for the Government to abandon its airport expansion programme in favour of the construction of a UK-wide high speed rail network?

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