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Competition 3 – mystery picture 1

Friday, 3 April 2009


Children’s train set. BTWT photo

It’s that time of year again, the sun is shining and BTWT is having another competition. Yes I know, that some readers said that we should scrap the competitions and concentrate and “doom and gloom”. But “doom and gloom” needs a lot of research if it is to be accurate, and needs to be accurate, if it is to be effective. Besides which, BTWT has suffered from ‘mission creep’. Conceived originally as a light-hearted way of making more English language readers aware of the problems of the Polish heritage railway movement, it has been dragged into the corridors of power and public policy by its readers.

Did you know that the CEO of the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce had put BTWT on his blogroll? No? Neither did I until I noticed that the Chamber’s website was feeding us with traffic. So who else is reading BTWT, the British Ambassador in Warsaw? the Polish desk of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office? the guys in suits in Marsham Street? At one time or another I have enjoyed cordial relations with all the institutions mentioned above, with one exception. The Marsham Street gang once targeted me as public enemy number one and actively briefed against me and the community railway project that I led.

Hopefully my enemies in the Department for Transport have long since been retired with gongs and the bright young chaps and chapesses who now eagerly read BTWT every morning are more open minded about such subjects as ‘short line’ railroads, wagon load freight and community railways – all subjects dear to my heart. So with a more weighty readership come more weighty responsibilities. I can’t be expected to knock together “doom and gloom” at the drop of a hat without adequate time to research and check the relevant facts.

Meanwhile, there are railways to save, elected dignitaries to visit, and the odd piece of paid work to complete. So if occasionally, just occasionally, I post another competition on BTWT, those who aren’t fans of such trivia, please forgive!

Back to today’s mystery photo. This was one of the first narrow gauge engines seen by me in Poland, in 1964 or 1965, I think. At the time, it and another loco were hidden behind a high fence at a location about 2.5 km from its current resting place. Points will be awarded for answering the questions: What is it? Where is it? Where was it? What did it do before that? Prizes? The joint winner of the last competition, Gavin Whitelaw has kindly entered into the spirit of the competition and offered a prize, but I have no idea what to do if Gavin wins. Perhaps someone would like to underwrite a second prize?

Please send your entries to BTWT by e-mail and not as comments. (You wouldn’t want to spoil the game for other readers, would you?) Our e-mail address is – railfan [at] go2 . pl (Change the ‘at’ for an ampersand and remove spaces.)


A weighty readership


Competition – mystery picture 5

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Entries for stage 5 of the competition are closed.


Lots of details in this picture, but what can you identify?

Oh dear, oh dear, BTWT readers never cease to amaze us. We publish details of an obscure Fenland tramway and immediately the alarm bells are ringing because we incorrectly classified the tram loco (whose wheels were covered by skirts) as a GER 0-6-0T tram loco rather than its (identical looking!) earlier 0-4-0T precursor. Our photograph of a bit of obscure slate walling in North Wales brought us a bulging post bag of entries correctly identifying Dolgoch Station on the Talyllyn Railway, while the photograph of Tunbridge Wells West also brought us a record number of entries. But an unfinished entrance stairway to the unfinished subway that was supposed to link Lodz Kaliska Railway Station to Lodz Kaliska Bus Station stumped everybody!

Here is a link to some photographs (Click thumbnails to see full size.) that show the unfinished East side of Lodz Kaliska which should clarify the matter for everybody. The BTWT editorial office enjoying a good chuckle because we mentioned the plight of Lodz Kaliska on Tuesday!

Today’s picture is back in the UK. What is it? (Please note, entries saying ‘a train on a railway viaduct’ will be disqualified.) What is the railway? Extra points will be added for identifying the locomotive, railway carriages and other interesting observations.

Competition – mystery picture 2

Monday, 24 November 2008

Entries now closed.


So where’s this? What is this.

Dyspozytor’s ‘hump competition’ continues. Part 1 is now closed. We asked, Where is this? What is this? Gavin Whitelaw and Gordon Dudman earned one point each by identifying the location correctly as Dolgoch on the Talyllyn Railway – the first railway in the world to be ‘rescued’ by volunteers. Each then received a reminder that they should also try to identify the subject of the picture more precisely. Gordon identified the water rushing out of the hillside as the ‘water extraction point’ for the old water tower and gains an extra point. BTWT acknowledges the use of one of zadabiel’s Talyllyn Railway photographs on flickr in our previous competition post. (Details of licensing here.) However, the competition continues, there’ll be more questions and even if you didn’t succeed first time round, there’s still time for you to fight your way to the top.

So what about today’s picture? (Click to see an enlargement.) With the two ashtrays in the middle ground, the dark varnished furniture, and the railway layout bridging the gaps between the furniture, it looks like Dyspozytor’s dream pub. Tell us where it is and what it is and you could earn two points.

Links to some Dolgoch photographs:

Competition – Question 4

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mystery photo

Veteran readers of Behind The Water Tower will have been waiting with eager anticipation for the final question in our first competition, If you are new to BTWT, don’t worry, it’s still not to late to enter. You’ll find all the previous questions here.

This month we would like you to tell us, on which narrow gauge railway can the above section of unused track be found? And for a bonus point, what is the long-term threat to this railway’s future?

The prize for the first person to get all four questions right is a bottle of Bison Grass Vodka, Zubrowka. Answers, please to our usual address.

Competition – question 3

Sunday, 18 May 2008

A railway water tower, but where?

Well, well, nobody is taking away the bottle of Zubrowka just yet, it seems that none of our readers know what the Polish government train was doing today in a siding in the centre of Warsaw. (Confused? See previous post.) However, here at BTWT we are generous folk and the bottle of Zubrowka remains on our editor’s desk unopened and can still be won. All you have to do is answer our 4 questions correctly. Today we post question number 3. Where is this water tower? For an extra point (so you could still get that bottle even if you got one of the other questions wrong) which of our previous posts could this illustrate and what should the caption be?

Competition – question 2

Thursday, 1 May 2008

The last competition brought in absolutely zero entries. However, four days earlier we had just relaunched the BTWT on, and had about 10 regular readers. (Today, we have just had a hundred hits and the night is still young!) So for all our new readers here is a second chance. Please e-mail your entries to Dyspozytor. There is no prize as such, but the winning entry (and any witty entries) will be posted Behind The Water Tower.

Meanwhile on with the show. Competion No.2 is decidedly easier. What is this railway vehicle, and where is it today?

Competition – question 1

Friday, 7 March 2008

mystery loco

No prizes for guessing where this is, but what is it and how did it get there?