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Let’s save Poland’s old railway stations!

Friday, 18 June 2010

A remarkable survivor, the unique railway station in Budwity.
Photo Krzysztof Worobiec.

(Click to see original picture and read a report of the ‘Uratujmy Stare Dworce’ – in Polish on Krzysztof Worobiec’s blog, Stowarzyszenie Sadyba.)

Although Poland’s railway heritage continues to decay at an alarming rate, a conference that took place in Olsztyn on 23 March this year was possibly a sign that the tide of public opinion may be beginning to turn. The upbeat conference slogan ‘Uratujmy Stare Dworce’ (Let’s save Poland’s old railway stations) reflected the campaign aims of its principal organiser, Elzbieta Mierzynska. Ms Mierzynska is a professional journalist and the daughter of a railwayman. Her campaign is focused on the Warmia and Mazury province which has 193 railway stations of which only 30 are in use.

The conference attracted a distinguished panel of speakers including: Marian Podziewski, Voivod (central government representative) of Warmia and Mazur; Zbigniew Maj, representing the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage; Paweł Olczyk, main border member PKP SA (responsible for Property); Adam Neumann, Director Gdansk Region (new PKP subsidiary) Dworce Kolejowe PKP; Michal Wrzosek, Spokesman, PKP SA; Jacek Przesluga, main board member PKP SA (in charge of railway station renewal); Barbara Zalewska, historic monuments registrar of Warmia and Mazur ; Janusz Piechocinski, vice chairman Parliamentary Infrastructure Committee; and Jacek Wysocki, of the Warmia and Mazury Structural Planning Department. Delegates heard two interesting case histories, the first by Jolanta Piotrowska, the mayor of Gizycko, on how her town council had managed to take over the local railway station; the second by Antoni Smolak, the Chief Executive of Maldyty Municipality, on the problems preventing his council from taking over the historic railway station at Budwity.

Let’s hope that the attendance of so many key decision makers at the conference will mean that some real progress will be made at last. We hope to interview Ms Mierzynska shortly.