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Ty2-5680 – The final act

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ty2-5680 undergoes restoration at the DB Schenker Rail Polska workshops in Rybnik. Photo DB Schenker Rail Polska.

BTWT has already documented the dramatic story how Ty-5680 was transformed from an unwanted piece of scrap metal to a prestigious industrial monument taking pride of place outside the DB Schenker Rail Polska HQ in Zabrze. Now thanks to the assistance of DB Schenker, who kindly supplied these pictures, we can reveal that not only was the appearance of ‘Cinders’ transformed, but she did get to go to the ball!

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Pani Malgorzata Manka-Szulik, the Mayor of Zabrze and Hans-Georg Werner, the chairman of DB Schenker Rail Polska sign the cooperation agreement. Photo DB Schenker Rail Polska.

Zabrze already has an industrial heritage tourist trail. Attractions include the largest operational steam winding engine in Poland and two tourist coal mines: Krolowa Luiza and Guido. The City Council is keen to develop the heritage trail further and approached DB Schenker Rail Polska to ask whether new restored Ty2-5680 could be added to the list of trail attractions.

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Ty2-5680 after its restoration outside the DB Schenker Rail Polska HQ in Zabrze. Photo DB Schenker Rail Polska.

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DB Schenker Rail Polska responded positively and on 17 October Malgorzata Manka-Szulik, the Mayor of Zabrze and Hans-Georg Werner, the chairman of DB Schenker Rail Polska, signed a cooperation agreement. As a result Ty2-5680 has been be added to the list of industrial heritage attractions in Zabrze and, from November, may be visited by members of the public.

Three important lessons can be learnt from this exercise:

  1. If railfans work together the resultant ‘lobby’ can work miracles!
  2. The importance of industrial heritage is gradually being recognised.
  3. Preserving industrial heritage is good for a company’s image.

How Ty2-5680 was saved:

Looking around Leszno

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A visit to Poland by Mike Pease, the Vice President and founder of the British-Polish Railway and Industrial Heritage Partnership, provided a welcome opportunity to revisit some favourite railway locations. Since the Leszno maintenance depot is well known and well photographed, I thought that this time it would be interesting to take photos in B&W. All the pictures reproduced below were taken on 17 September 2011. This photo shoot brought back many memories: my last B&W shed interior shots were taken some 35 years ago at Tysley and Oxley ex GWR sheds. Thanks to the latest digital camera technology it is now possible to take good shed interior pictures without lugging around a heavy tripod. Wearing the regulation Polish railway ‘uniform’ of blue shirts and dark trousers, our visit brought in a bumper crop of pictures and passed off without any incident.

Vintage railway enthusiast and a line of vintage diesels.

Ol49 cab undergoing a makeover.

What is the engine lurking in the back?

A closer look reveals a complete Ty2 ‘plugged in’ to the depot’s central heating.

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Ty2-5680 – All’s well that ends well

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cosmetically restored Ty2-5680 outside the Zabrze HQ of DB Schenker. Photo Marek Ciesielski.

There’s been a dearth of good news on BTWT of late so it gives us great pleasure to report that Deutsche Bahn have kept their word regarding Ty2-5680 and that the cosmetically restored engine is now proudly displayed outside the D B Schenker Rail Polska headquarters in Zabrze. Congratulations to Robert Dylewski and Tomasz Domzalski for a brilliantly executed PR campaign to rescue the engine after it had been sold to a scrapyard! Thanks also to Marek Ciesielski, for sending us a great photograph. (Click on the image for a larger version.)

More about the campaign to save Ty2-5680:

DB Schenker statement re Ty2-5680

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Tomasz Domzalski, webmaster of – one of the first websites to carry the news of the imminent scrapping of Ty2-5680 – has received an e-mail from Andrzej Wyszynski, a spokesman for DB Schenker Rail Polska –

Pragnę poinformować, iż umowa sprzedaży parowozu Ty2-5680 z firmą KEM w chwili obecnej zostanie rozwiązana. Parowóz został przetransportowany do jednej z naszych lokomotywowni Szczakowa-Jęzor, gdzie z powodu zacięcia się zestawu kołowego zostanie poddany drobnej renowacji. W chwili obecnej rozważana jest nowa lokalizacja, która pozwoli w sposób odpowiedni podkreślić jego historyczną wartość. Poinformujemy Państwa o nowym miejscu pobytu historycznej lokomotywy.

For those whose Polish is a bit rusty here is a translation –

I would like to inform you that the agreement regarding the sale of steam locomotive Ty2-5680 to KEM has, as of this moment, been cancelled. The locomotive has been transported to one of our locomotive depots, Szczakawa0-Jezor, where, as the result of a damaged bearing, it will undergo a minor repair. We are currently considering a suitable new location which will emphasise the historic value of the locomotive. We will inform you about the new location of this historic locomotive.

Let’s hope that DB Schenker can be persuaded that a suitable way of ’emphasising the historic value of the locomotive’ would be a joint Polish-German (or even Anglo-Polish-German!) project to restore it to working order. Send your suggestions to –

Oliver Schumacher
Deutsche Bahn AG
Head of Communications
Potsdamer Platz 2
10785 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 297-61480
Fax: +49 30 297-61485