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Shrimps lead the way for animal rights

Friday, 9 May 2008

Animals must be carried in the proper container

It’s good to read in the China Post that the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) is ignoring the prejudices of its humans and is prepared to move forward on providing equal transport rights for animals. When a survey indicated that 72% of TRA clients were against allowing pets to travel by rail, TRA bosses rapidly commissioned a new survey that came up with the results that government legislators wanted. The move emulates the amazing management style of UK Network Rail chairman, Ian McAllister, Polish rail managers please read carefully.

The (TRA) has decided to launch a trial run for “pet cars,” starting July 1, allowing passengers to travel with their pets, a top TRA official said yesterday.

Fan Chih-ku, director general of the TRA, made the remarks in response to interpolations from legislators after delivering a report on the current transportation business of the TRA and how to upgrade its competitiveness.

Yang Cheng-teh, a division chief of the TRA, said that in a survey done in 2003 by the TRA, up to 72 percent of respondents expressed opposition to passengers carrying pets with them, and some people even appealed to the Control Yuan, the government’s highest watchdog, against the practice.

The TRA already completed a new public opinion survey in mid-April, and will work out a set of measures concerning launching “pet cars” in accordance with the positive findings of the new survey.

Dogs, cats, fish and shrimps travel on THSRC.

On another front, the Taiwan High-Speed Rail Corp. allows passengers to take dogs, cats, fish and shrimps with them when getting aboard the high-speed rail system, as long as they’re well packed, won’t defecate or urinate in the cars.

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