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Does Poland have the last steam-hauled passenger service?

Monday, 6 May 2013


Japanese designed 2-8-2 working a steam hauled passenger train in Kujang, South Pyongan province, North Korea. Video by newslabmedia.

It seems that the Wolsztyn steam kettles which are due to be taken off their regular Wolsztyn-Poznan passenger service by 2017 may not be hauling the world’s last regular steam-hauled passenger service running on the national railway network!

One less steam engine in Poland

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

But which one?


Robert Dylewski, who has established his reputation as a doughty defender of the remaining stock of Polish steam locomotives, sent out an alert today that the Labedy steelworks in Gliwice have received a pile of steel scrap which is undoubtedly a recently cut up steam locomotive boiler.

Robert’s informant speculates that the steel comes from Ty45-6 which was stored at Kezdierzyna Kozla. As yet, this has still to be confirmed.

BTWT will report back on this story as further information reaches us. However, one thing is certain – as the new cold winds of the economic crisis blow ever stronger – the future of Poland’s ‘remainder steam stock’ (i.e. not allocated to specific museums) looks decidedly bleak.

Your own steam loco?

Friday, 14 October 2011

Ol49-111 2-6-0 Gauge 1 live steam. Video by Gauge One Video.

Anyone fancy their own steam locomotive? No joke, we are being serious. An Aster “Kreigslok” would set you back £3,850 in kit form, or £4,500 completely made up. A Prussian P8 kit is good value at £3,000, or you can buy the locomotive assembled for £4,000.

Alternatively we can offer 4 shares in a Tkp 0-8-0T at £2,500. This is a full-size locomotive, not a model. It is substantially complete, with a good boiler and motion. It needs the usual stripping down. cleaning and painting, and boiler and air cylinder certification. There is a verbal agreement in place for the loco to operate hauling freight trains on a local authority-owned branch line.

The owner of the locomotive currently resides in England, but hopes to relocate to Poland in due course. He would like to recruit a consortium of like-minded folk to work with him to restore the locomotive to working order.

The original Ol49-111 kit at Leszno. Photo BTWT.