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Fabryczna goes out in glory

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lodz City Hall wanted land for development. Unfortunately no one thought it necessary to keep the trains running. Photo BTWT.

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Stripped of its external clutter Fabryczna has returned to its original glory. Unfortunately soon memories will be all that will be left. Photo BTWT.

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Across what were once railway tracks Skanska are hard at work converting an old power station into an art gallery. Pity about the railway station! Photo BTWT.

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No trains to Zamosc

Thursday, 10 September 2009

PKP IC cuts 10% of its trains


Town square Zamosc. Photo Maciej Ukleja.

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Starting 1st September, PKP InterCity has cut 10% of its long-distance services. Most of the slashed trains are pospieszny (semi-fast) trains which PKP IC had taken over earlier this year from PKP Przewozy Regionalne.

Many trains have been cut back and no longer run the full distance forcing passengers to change trains or take a bus for part of their journey. Other trains only run on one or two days a week. Slupsk and Rybnik have lost their direct services to Poznan, Katowice and Gdansk. Lodz has lost its direct train from Szczecin as well as trains to Czestochowa and Cracow. While Zamosc, with 66,600 inhabitants and a UNESCO world heritage site has lost all its rail passenger services.

PKP PLK finance chief forced out

Friday, 17 July 2009

Rynek Kolejowy reports that Polish State Railways Infrastructure Company, PKP PLK, finance and economics director Bogdan Szafranski has resigned. Details are sketchy but it seems likely that Szafranski was forced out because he failed to institute a programme to stem mounting losses.

PKP PLK boss, Zbigniew Szafranski, warned repeatedly that because of PLK’s falling revenues – particularly from PKP Cargo – PKP PLK was accumulating a huge loss and would need a state bailout to avoid massive cutbacks of the railway infrastructure. With Finance Minister Jacek Rostocki clamping down on Government expenditure, the PKP PLK finance chief’s departure would seem to herald another round of railway closures to be just round the corner.