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Farewell TP and MKT

Friday, 20 July 2012

Farewell to Tramwaje Podmiesjie. PVideo by .

On 1 April 2012 (a very apposite date) The interurban tram services operated by Tramwaje Podmiejskie (services 43 and 43bis to Lutomiersk and Konstantynow) and Miedzygminna Komunikacja Tramwajowa (service 46 and 46A to Ozorkow) were taken over by Miejskie Przedsiebiorstwo Komunikacyjne, the the Lodz municipal transport company.

TP and MKT were run on a shoestring by TP and MKT, and actually cost the city of Lodz LESS to carry passengers within the city’s boundary than did MPK. Many interested observers of the Lodz tram scene, BTWT included, fear that the takeover is but the first step to the cut back or abolition of the interurban services.

These two fine videos by Piotr Pter19 are a fitting memorial to both TP and MKT and to the Konstal 803N articulated units which were decommissioned when MPK took over.

Miedzygminna Komunikacja Tramwajowa. PVideo by .

Congratulations to Piotr for his excellent work on board some shaky trams running over some very dodgy track!

Lodz interurban trams face extinction

Friday, 1 July 2011

Three-bogie 803N articulated tram working MKT service 46 at Plac Wolnosci on 30 January 2010. These trams were built by Konstal in the early 1970s and rebuilt with a new body style in the MKT workshops at Helenowek in the late 1990s. Photo BTWT.

Lodz’s attractive interurban tram services – 43 running some 20 km westwards from Stoki on the eastern outskirts of Lodz to Lutomiersk and 46 running 37 km from Chocianowice on the city’s southern boundary northwards to Ozorkow have been given 6 months to live by Lodz’s mayor Hanna Zdanowska.

Three-bogie GT6 articulated tram working TP service 43 at Plac Wolnosci on 30 January 2010. GT6 trams were built by Düwag from 1956 onwards and 8 units – after being withdrawn from service in Bielefeld, Germany in 1990 – were bought by MPK Lodz. After the interurban lines were split off from MPK, these units was assigned to TP. Photo BTWT.

On 28 June, Zdanowska gave 6 months notice that she will be withdrawing Lodz from the agreements which govern the operation of Tramwaje Podmiejskie (owned by Lodz, Konstantynow and Lutomiersk) and Miedzygmina Komunikacja Tramwajowa (owned by Lodz, Zgierz (Town), Zgierz (District) and Ozorkow).

The official reason given for her action is that Zdanowska wants to force a take over the operation and revenue stream of the interurban services by the city’s tram operator, Miejskie Przedsiebiorstwo Komunikacyjne, leaving the remaining local councils to pick up the bill for maintaining the track.

Residents suffering from rush hour grid-lock on the road to Aleksandrow (services were cut back to the Lodz city boundary in 1991) will recall the story current at the time that local councillors were promised certain favours by a rival bus company!