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BTWT Brain-twister 3

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rebuilt and relaid 600mm gauge line, but where?
Photo BTWT.

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In our last Brain-twister competition we asked, What links two of Poland’s newest underground stations with a 15th century confirmation of a union between two nations? Amazingly our previously astute and assiduous competition solvers all seem to have been asleep for this round although it was so very easy!

The latest underground station to open in Poland is at Warsaw’s Chopin Airport as reported in BTWT on 22 May. Identifying the station would have won 2 of the 6 marks available. Previous to that the last underground station to open in Poland was not on Line 1 of the Warsaw Metro, but the pre-metro, fast tram station underneath Krakow Glowny main line railway station. Identifying the pre-metro station would have gained another 2 marks.

Finally, both stations link to the old Warsaw – Krakow railway which passes through Radom. The Commonwealth of Poland and Lituania was confirmed there in 1401. Identifying Radom and its treaty would have earned the final two points.

Today’s brain-twister is even easier. For example, identifying the narrow gauge railway above gains an automatic single point! Though you will have to work quite hard to gain all the 6 points available for fully solving today’s riddle:

     Two neighbours – different in all ways but one,
One carries people on their annual quest to the sun.

The other carries treasure wrested from the deep,
Is little known, less lauded, but by no means asleep.

BTWT Brain-twister – 2

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Gloriana during the Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Photo tonylanciabeta.

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Much to our delight Mark Judd got the full 6 marks that were there to be scored from the first BTWT Brain-twister. The Royal vessel was the Gloriana a royal barge built by master boat-builder Mark Edwards for the Royal Jubilee River Pageant. Mark Edwards is a Cornishman.

The Gloriana flew, amongst others, St Piran’s flag, the flag of Cornwall. St Piran was a 6th century Cornish abbot.

The historic steam locomotive was Richard Trevithic’s engine built for the Pen-y-Darren tramroad, the world’s first railway locomotive. Trevithic was a famous Cornish engineer who pioneered the use of ‘strong steam’ (high pressure steam) and left behind a string of inventions, but died in poverty. The Trevithic window in Westminster Abbey depicts St Prinan, the patron saint of Cornwall with the head of Trevithic.

And for our next brain-twister. What links two of Poland’s newest underground stations with a 15th century confirmation of a union between two nations?