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Polish Armoured trains in UK

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Help wanted!

smialyArmoured locomotive, part of Polish 1920 armoured train ‘SMIALY’

A friend asks for help in researching WWII Polish armoured trains. Not any old WWII Polish armoured trains, but those operating in Britain. Wikipedia provides the following information:

Polish armoured trains in United Kingdom (1940-1943)

I dywizjon – trains: C, G, E
II dywizjon – trains: A, D, F
III dywizjon – trains: B, M, H
IV dywizjon – trains: Nr 10, 11, 12 renamed in 1941 K, L, J

Can you help? Please write to Dyspozytor at railfan[at] (replacing the ‘at’ with an ampersand).