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Virgin Trains advertises

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Frame from Virgin Trains: Success Express TV ad by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy

Virgin Trains are advertising their trains on TV! The ads by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy are good, very good. These days, I never travel by car to get to an important meeting if I can at all avoid it and I have lost count of how many of my presentations, like Ed’s, have received a final polish on the train. We are living in the Age of Stress. Do you remember the days when business travel was enjoyable?

In Britain, travelling by rail is more of a challenge, because so many connecting lines have been axed and – unless you are prepared to spend a whole day on the Internet planning your journey two weeks in advance – train travel is astronomically expensive. In Poland, if you take care, you can still get to most larger towns by rail, although another 7,000 km of railway imminently faces the axe.

A week ago, I had a choice of two ways of travelling from Poznan to Lodz by train: Poznan – Kutno by EuroCity, 20 minute wait at Kutno, Kutno – Lodz by Pospieszny (semi fast), total journey time 3 1/2 hour, cost 125 zloty (£25); or, Poznan – Lodz direct by osobowy (stopping train), total journey time 4 1/2 hours, cost 25 zloty (£5). I took a good book and took the second option. The fastest journey time is not necessarily the best choice!


PS. Thanks to The Fact Compiler and The Railway Eye blog for alerting me to Virgin Trains’ new TV ads.


Virgin Trains Where do you want to be? campaign by MCBD:

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Art or ad?

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Not the London Underground – click for HD video

Nice to see someone trying to persuade people to use public transport. Reminds me of those heady days when British Rail used to advertise. Now the UK Government as part of its sustainable travel policy (?) has decided that its ‘modally agnostic‘ and has made UK rail travel the most expensive in Europe.

Relax – those were the days – click for You Tube video

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