Pyskowice – some good news at last!



The pride of the fleet, restored Ty42-24 steam test, 18.6.2013.
Photo Marek Ciesielski

On Monday 9 December the District Court in Katowice threw out the case brought by PKP SA against TOZKiOS, the railway society that is responsible for the Pyskowice railway museum. PKP SA were claiming that the society owed several tens of thousands of zloty in unpaid rent and were seeking a court order requiring the society to pay the back rent – or have its assets seized – and forcing TOZKiOS to quit the site.

The court found that the society had a perfectly valid agreement with infrastructure company PKP PLK and that it had kept its rental payments up to date. Of course, the court order does not provide TOZKiOS what the society most needs – security of tenure and access to the old roundhouse area of the  site, but it does buy time.

It is to be hoped that it may be possible to persuade both parties that the way forward is the path of conciliation and not litigation and that through constructive dialogue a solution can be found that represents a ‘win-win’ for both sides.

Waiting for some TLC, the Pyskowice engine shed. Photo BTWT.

For many years TOZKiOS has been prevented from accessing the old roundhouse site. Without an effective guardian, the engine shed has been deteriorating fast. Several years ago accumulated snow led to a roof collapse.


Smashed down and stolen door. Photo TOZKiOS.

TOZKiOS have tried to keep the old shed area secure, but a week ago scrap thieves smashed down an old door and are now helping themselves to the metal contents inside the shed.


2 Responses to “Pyskowice – some good news at last!”

  1. M.P. "Preki" Says:

    Good news, but still we have a long road ahead before we can open a bottle of Champagne.

    About the door – instead of complaining at PKP SA, it would be good to wall up the gap. Thieves won’t find bricks attractive, and it will take more time to break through them, so they even won’t think of breaking into the shed. But there’s also another gap in the wall that should be fixed immediately – the one on the wall facing the turntable. It is barely noticeable, but one can go through it and sneak into the roundhouse. Few years ago I came across some homeless woman having a nap under remaining part of the roof.

  2. Paweł Niemczuk Says:

    OK, thieves won’t find bricks attractive. But we can be sure that they find attractive this what can be found behind them. Don’t worry, they will either smash the bricks or find another way to the roundhouse….

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