Pendolino nudges record by 2km/h



The 293km/h record=breaking run on 24.11.13. Video by vwpassatfan.

While many observers, including BTWT, thought that Saturday’s 291 km/h run along approximately 5 km of the CMK line was likely to remain the Polish railway speed record for the foreseeable future, another batch of VIP passengers on Sunday 24 November hoped to witness a record breaking run. They were not to be disappointed and the driver notched another 2 km/h on the speedometer and reached 293 km/h.

While Sunday’s 293 km/h is a very credible performance bearing in mind the power limitations of 3,000 DC electrification and lack of experience in Poland with maintaining high speed track alignment standards it is hardly revolutionary compared with what is being achieved elsewhere in Europe.

A very informative article published today on the portal reminds readers that in several countries including France and Spain 300 km/h running is a regular occurrence. In two years time when the Polish Pendolino is in service and line speeds are raised between Warsaw and Gdansk it will be possible to travel between the two cities in some 2½ hours approximately the same times as it currently takes to travel from Madrid to Barcelona.

The distance between the two Polish cities is 328km and the average speed of the Pendolino will be 123 km/h. The distance between the two Spanish cities is 628km and the high speed train averages 248km/h.



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