Rafał Milczarski quits Freightliner PL



Rafał Milczarski at a recent ZNPK press conference. Photo ZZKSL.

Rafał Milczarski and Emil Dembiński, the Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively, of Freightliner PL announced yesterday that they are leaving the company in order to enter politics. Milczarski and Dembinśki were the founders of Freightliner PL, having previously worked together in Kolej Bałtycka SA.

After attending VI L.O. im. Jana Kochanowskiego in Radom, Milczarski won a scholarship to Downside School in England and then went on to study at Cambridge University. Milczarski returned to his home country ‘because he wanted to be involved in building a better Poland’ after the collapse of communism in 1989.

Milczarski was heavily involved in campaigning for a better deal for Poland’s railways, and for fairer treatment by PKP and the Polish government for the new generation of railway operators. He was the founder of the Association of Independent Railway Operating Companies (ZNPK) and also one of the people instrumental in setting up the “Pro Kolej” Foundation.

Rafał is succeeded in the post of Chairman by Konstantin Skorik, European Business Development Director Freightliner Group, formerly an Operations Officer with the World Bank.

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