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Ty42-24 star of Chabowka Steam Gala

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The first part of Marek Ciesielski’s photoreport


Ty42-24 with its first train of fare-paying passengers after a 4-year overhaul. Photo ©Marek Ciesielski.


Everybody wants a view, of Pyskowice’s Ty42. Photo ©Marek Ciesielski.


A fun day for the whole family. Photo ©Marek Ciesielski.


The heroes of the day, Krzysztof and Zbyszek Jakubina of TOZKiOS. Photo ©Marek Ciesielski.

Our thanks to Marek Ciesielski for sharing his superb photos with us. All the images can be enlarged by the simple expedient of clicking on them.