Czech giant to grace Parowozjada


475.101, Šlachtična. Video zavadilvilem.

Šlachtična, a powerful mixed traffic 4-8-2 built by Skoda in 1947, will be a star attraction at this year’s Parowozjada. Other locomotives expected to be in steam include Chabowka’s own: Ol12-7, Tkt48-191, Ty42-107, and TKh49-1. Ol49-99 (ex Ol49-69) will be visiting from Wolsztyn. Polish railfans will be looking out for Ty42-24 which has recently completed a four year overhaul carried out by a small team of volunteers at Pyskowice.

Parowozjazda Tkt48-191-1000587-2

2-8-2T, TKt48-191 at Chabowka Station in August 2011. Photo BTWT.

Making a welcome return this year are the special vintage trains to bring guests to the gala. These will be running on Saturday 24 August from Dobra k. Limanowej and Zakopane. Ty42-107 is booked to haul the Dobra train, while TKt48-191 is scheduled to work the train from Zakopane. Sadly the special vintage trains which used to bring guests from Cracow have not been running for several years.

This year’s Parowozjada, the 9th such event, takes place in the Chabowka Skansen (open air railway museum), near Rabka Zdroj this weekend (24 & 25 August). Further details (in English) can be found on Milos Mazurek’s website, see below.


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